IGCSE Results

IGCSE Results Year 2021

Congratulations to all our students on the recent IGCSE examination results, a highly commendable set of results in very different and often challenging circumstances.

Overall Results

A*- A

A*- B

A*- C

Year 2021

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10 Year Averages

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We would also like to take a moment to recognise the following individual performances : –

Achievement Students - number of subjects taken are in brackets
ALL A*s Nawal Alisya Binti Mohd Sofiyuddin (10)
Nam Phuong Dinh (8)
All A* or A Phang Jun Ming (9)
Daniel Ramzi Tan (8)
Madihah Masturina Binti Mohd Zainol (9)
Naofal Ikhlas Bin Mohd Zaid (8)
Osezua Ehizogie Ejodame (5)
Other notable performers Chiew Qian Ling (9A*s or A & 1 B)
Nursajjidah Balqis Binti Mohammad Tarmizi (8A*s or A & 1 B)
Muhammad Muqkhriz Bin Iskander Dzulkarnain (7As* or A & 1 B)
Nur Sabrina Binti Ahmad Shuhaini (7As* or A & 2 Bs)